Friday, April 16, 2010

The Off Night

I would love the opinion of some my moonkins/WoW players out there on this one. What do you do when you have an "off" night? Even the best players have them. I had one last night during our raid.

It started out on Deathwhisper. I was in the group staying on Deathwhisper and after the initial adds came out, I used Starfall. Next thing I know, I have an add on me. Thankfully, the healers were able to keep me up until the tank had control again. I know I should have waited a few seconds more but just started blasting.

My off night continued on Rotface. About halfway through the fight, I got picked for mutated injection. It was just my "luck" the add tank was right behind me. However, I forgot about the slime spray and just ran backward to the add tank. The slime spray hit me and I was dead. We still downed him but I feel stupid.

Then we moved on to Festergut. One of our players went down and I was called to battle rez. Now, this part was partly because I was testing a new UI that night called Tukui v10. It has bars for the people's names in your raid since I don't need a healer UI. For the life of me, I couldn't find the person in my list to target them. So I knew it was melee so I moved from my position up and not paying attention to my range meter. One of the people by me got the vomit debuff and then I got it and I gave it to another person. I died. The person who originally got the debuff died. The healer was able to heal himself. Again, we downed him but it was still not a good feeling.

Then we moved to Professor Putricide. We wiped once on this boss. Partly because we had some new players with us. However, even in the one wipe, I managed to do something stupid. We were in phase 3 and I had to battle rez another player. When I was called to do it, I was between two slime piles. I send the battle rez. No sooner I did that then the area I was standing in got slimed. I died. The guy I rezzed died. We downed him on the second try without issue but again, just adding on to my night of fail.

So what did I do after my off night. Well, one I went to a target dummy and practiced my rotation to reassure myself on knowing what to do. Also, I consider it the equivalent of punching a pillow when you get frustrated in real life. It doesn't help you. It doesn't help the pillow. But it does feel really good. After that, I went to bed and got a nice nights sleep.

So how about moonkins or WoW players in general, how do you handle the off night?


Poulsenster said...

On the very first night I raided with my current guild, I was trying to understand their Marrowgar tactic. Somehow I got the impression that they wanted to split ranged and healers into two groups that had to stand away from him, even in phase 1.

Little did i know that they had just pointed out which direction people should be running during bonestorm - as it should be. Not only failing that, after the first phase of bonestorm, I failed to notice the direction the boss was facing, and instead of moving behind him, i stood in front of him with the tanks. Suffice to say, I died - on the first fight with my brand new guild. Gasp!

Usually I don't make mistakes. In fact, I think I deal with mechanics rather nicely. But you can be sure that if I ever go "Guy, its pretty damn easy to avoid the yeti when he charges", i will not only be targeted by the next charge, I will also fail it miserably.

This curse showed itself most back in my old guild, where we had a lot of people popping the clouds on Yogg-Saron. Being the caster master at the time, i took it upon myself to tell the guild over vent how I danced around them, in a way that allowed me to move as little as possible and get as much time standing still as I could. I was quite good at that.

But then came a time where I went "And so, when i move over behind this cloud, I can stand here for pretty long time before I have to move again". Only, i hadn't realised that the cloud was moving towards me, not away from me, and my honor took a toll as the guild laughed at my smartyness :P

I keep my mouth shut on our Sindragosa kills. I will never utter the words "Guys, cmon, it is SOOO easy to avoid the frost bombs!"

Jasyla said...

This past weekend I had my worst raid performance ever. I play a resto druid and we were doing heroic Valithria 10 for the first time. I am always assinged to take the portals and heal Val in 25man, and I usually do very well at it. On the heroic version, however, I apparently forgot how to play. In the two attemps it took us to kill her I think I completely missed about 5 portals (I didn't know she doesn't yell about opening them in heroic), and the highest I got my buff stack was about 10. It was terrible.

I just apologized to my raid for being so terrible then got a good night's sleep.