Monday, April 4, 2011

Let the Race Begin

It is expected that my guild, Conquest (Who is recruiting for both the PvE and PvP sections. I mean we are really recruing for PvP.  See sidebar for link to guild.), will reach guild level 23 by today. (Latest will be tomorrow)  This means that the race will start for the first level 25 guild on Ner'zhul since I'm expecting other larger guilds to hit the cap at the same time we do and I don't think anybody has hit server first level 25 guild.  So how do you win the race to level 25?  I have a few ideas.

1) Run Heroics - Probably the fastest way is to have people in the guild form up and run chain heroics.  You get guild XP for every boss kill plus extra XP for every dungeon completed.  This will be the likely quickest way and easiest way to get guild XP.

2) Level Alts - This will be the second easiest way.  You get guild XP with every quest you turn in.  While the amount is less than if you were running guild chain heroics, it still is a hefty addition to the guild XP. 

3) Random Guild BGs (Not Rated) - Ideally, doing rated BGs with a very good team, would bring in a great amount of guild XP.  Unfortunately, when you can have rated BGs that last a full 25 minutes between two good teams, it may not be the quickest.  What would be quicker is to form 2 5 man groups and queue for WSG, Twin Peaks, or Battle of Gilneas.  A guild group against random PUGs should roll them pretty easily.  Not as good of guild XP as the first two, but not bad.

4) Raids - Break the 25 man raiding group into 2-3 10 man groups and clear out all the farm content with no hardmodes.  That will likely bring in a good deal of guild XP if you can get people who don't normally raid in your guild into the third 10 man group to complete it or alts.

5) Loremaster Anyone? - If you could have a couple people devoted to going and getting all the quest on their max level alts done, all that guild XP would be coming in.  It is better if it is an alt so that you are leveling them too, but if you don't have anyone leveling, you could easily send your 85s out to try and get Loremaster after guild level 23.  However, those 85s would be better suited to be running heroics.

I'm sure there are bunches of other ways to get guild XP.  I have tried to help my guild this weekend by finally leveling my mage to level 85.  The fact of the matter is a lot of guilds on your server are probably hitting level 23 right now, which means the race starts soon.

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