Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handling Cataclysm Heroics

Now that I have started running heroics trying to get gear so that I can get into raids, I have noticed a few things that really help the heroic experience.  These tips will make it incredibly easy to get through heroic dungeons.

1) Don't PUG Them - Find a group of friends or guildmates to run them with.  Also, having some sort of vent communication will save you worlds of trouble when doing heroics.  If desperate, you can PUG.  Just be ready for the common douchebaggery that occurs.  For example, I tried to PUG heroic Throne of the Tides with one other guild mate of mine.  We got a shadow priest who the first words in party chat was, "Can we hurry this up?"  I promptly told him that this was not Wrath of the Lich King and if he doesn't like my pulling speed, he can leave group.  He then proceeded to wipe the group two times before we vote kicked him.

2) Get some CC - I can't think of a class that doesn't have some form of CC, even if it is weak.  Druids have entangling roots and solar beam, great for casters or melee DPS.  Mages and Shaman have sheep.  Shadow Priest can Mind Control, which is great for mobs that heal.  Rogues have sap.  If you do PUG and you are the tank, look to see what CC is possible in your group.

3) Mark Everything - On your first pull, mark some targets.  Also, keep the targets the same for the entire instance run.  For example, I will almost always give Polymorph the moon target.  I don't know why, but it is the one I associate with moon.

4) CC Pull 95% of the Time - Now, this seems weird, but there are only a few times you shouldn't CC pull.  One would be if your only CC is a rogue who can sap because he is not going to pull. (Not without getting his ass handed to him in the first place.)  The other would be single mobs/bosses.  If there is only one mob, just tank and spank him.

5) Healers Don't CC - Yes, you may have a restoration shaman in your group.  However, it is more important for them to heal the group than CC with hex.  That is why I never assign a CC to a healer unless there is no other choice but to.  I may ask them to do it only with the initial pull.  But once the pull happens, they need to keep healing, not CC.

6) Tanks Should Generally Not CC - They are going to be too busy tanking the mobs to throw out a CC.  The one exception would be is if they can throw out a CC as the first pull.  For example, as a bear tank, I would gladly throw Entangling Roots on a mob as my pull.  However, once he breaks, I tank him or someone else has to CC him.

7) Know Boss Strats (Especially Differences Between Heroic and Normal) - I'm sure that we all ran the instances while leveling for the quest in each of the dungeons.  It seems like that every boss I have seen in heroic version picks up new abilities from normal.  This is good since the Wrath heroics tended to be the same boss with more health and hits harder.  When I PUGed heroic Throne of the Tides, none of us were really certain on the strategy so we wiped a couple times on each boss.  Knowing the difference between normal and heroic will help out greatly.

Hopefully, taking these simple rules, you should be able to tackle any heroic in the game.  Some are easier than others, but all of them are similar in mechanics needed to get through them.  Hopefully, throughout the rest of this week,  I will start posting what moonkins can specifically do to help their group through heroics, both trash and bosses.

Also, just a reminder about the Header Contest.  I'm a worgen now so I need a new header for the site.  If you have any artistic talent, unlike I do, go ahead and enter.


Kotakh said...

Hibernate is a spell i had to dig out of my spellbook where its been buried forever. Theres a lot of dragonkind in GB :)

Redhawks said...


Actually, I even forgot about that being an option until you said it. When I was tanking GB, I had the moonkin in the group entangling roots the melee guy. I forgot that hibernate would work too.

Thankfully though, I didn't have to dig it out because we used Hibernate all the time in 25 man Ruby Sanctrum trash. I still have nightmares about that trash.